Who Are You Lord?

Series: Trials and Triumph

Who Are You Lord?

June 28, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Acts 9:1-31

  1. Saul asks: Can I h________ C___________? (9:1-2)
    Q: Are Christians still persecuted in our own day? How could I be praying for a specific country or community this week?

  2.  Jesus Asks: Why do y_____ h_____ m___? (9:3-4)
    Q: How have I seen Jesus hurt in my personal experience with other Christians? Have I ever been the one doing the hurting?

  3. Saul asks: W_____ a_____ y______ L______? (9:5)
    Q; Who is Jesus to me? Is he truly the Lord (Master) of my life?

  4. Saul’s companions ask: What j_______ h_____________? (9:7, 22:9)
    Q: What do my companions say? Would others notice a difference in my life because of Christ? Why/Why not?

  5. Ananias and Others ask: Lord, a______ y_____ s_______? (9:13, 9:19-21) Q: Am I like Saul, trying to convince others Christ has really changed me? Am I like Ananias, slow to see how Christ has changed someone else?

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