Job: Suffering in Salvation

The Book of Job can be a daunting read. It raises questions about the attitude Christians should take when they find themselves suffering in the midst of their salvation. How can we be encouraged by this rather dark book? How do we see Jesus in between the lines of Job?

All Together Now (Church Membership)

Modern believers often take pride in individualism and a one-on-one relationship with Jesus. But Scripture is filled with examples of how we should also belong to a Body of Christ, i.e. join a church as a faithful, active member joining in ministry to the local community.

The Compassionate Christ

The word “Compassion” appears throughout the New Testament. We must appreciate Jesus’ compassion more in our own lives, and then apply that same compassion in our church and community. Join us for this two-part word study of compassion as shown in the ministry of Jesus.

The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth can be studied from many angles: Love story, Life story, Survival story, and more. Join us as we look at Christ's work of redemption, foreshadowed in the richness of Boaz's love, Ruth's faithfulness, and Naomi's slow journey to joy. We'll find a bit of ourselves on the long walk from Moab to Bethlehem and more importantly, the hope of Jesus for our journey today.