We Would See Jesus

Series: Trusting In Jesus During COVID-19

We Would See Jesus

April 05, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: John 12:9-26

1. The Large Crowd sees Jesus p___________ (v. 9, 18)
2. The Religious Leaders see Jesus as at_____________. (v. 10,19)
3. The Disciples see Jesus, but d______ _____ u_______________. (v. 14-16)

What do I want to understand right now that I cannot?
Do I trust that the Lord will provide Understanding one day?

4. The Greeks (Gentiles) see Jesus as they s_______ h_______. (v. 20-21)
5. 5. Jesus sees to it that we know w____ ___ _______ to follow him. (v. 23-26)

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