The Punishment That Brought Us Peace

Series: Trusting In Jesus During COVID-19

The Punishment That Brought Us Peace

April 10, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Isaiah 53:1-12

#1 Jesus was like a ______ from ______ ground (2)

#2 He had no _______ or _______ (2b)

#3 He was ________ and ______ by men (v3)

#4 He was ________ and ______ by God (v.4)

#5 He was ___________ for our _____________ (v.5)

A) What's Jesus’ response to this punishment? (v. 7)

B) What’s God’s Purpose in this punishment? (v. 10)

C) What’s Our Role in this Punishment? (v. 6)

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