Stephen’s Martyrdom Miracle

Series: Trials and Triumph

Stephen’s Martyrdom Miracle

May 17, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Acts 6:1-7:60

Stephen’s extraordinary life inspires us to build our own lives in Jesus’ work through the Holy Spirit to bear light in dark times.  

  1. Stephen’s l_______ is f________ with the Holy Spirit (6:3-5)
  2. Stephen’s I____________ for Christ Grows e________________ (6:8)
  3. Stephen’s p________ work invites n____________ attention (6:10-13)
  4. Stephen’s v____________ persecution becomes v_________ witness (6:15)
  5. Stephen tells a p_______ t________ (7:51-53)
  6. Stephen’s final b_________ is p_________. (7:59-60)
  7. Stephen’s m____________ of death spreads Jesus’ m___________ of life. (8:1-4)

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