Standing In Athens

Series: Trials and Triumph

Standing In Athens

September 13, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Acts 17:16-34

  1. The R_____________________. (v. 18-21) 

Q: Where does Jesus fit in your life? Is he the one and only Savior, or merely a “strange thing” or “new teaching” to be dabbled in? 

  1. The R______________________. (v.22-31) 
  1. God is M_________________, Not M_________________. (v.24-25) 
  1. God is S____________________. Not S____________________. (v.26) 
  1. God is H___________________., Not H_____________________. (v. 27) 

Q: Is there anything in Paul’s “rubric” that is new to you? Or, is his teaching about God already a part of your faith in Christ? 

  1. The R_______________________. (v.27-31) 

Q: Can you think of any examples of secular storytelling that reflects Christian themes? In what way can these point to a  greater truth about Jesus Christ? 

  1. The R_______________________. (v.32-34) 

Q: How would you have reacted at the Areopagus? With mocking? Asking, “let me think about it…?” Wanting to “join and believe?”

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