Moving Together

Series: All Together Now (Church Membership)

Moving Together

July 25, 2021 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

A Biblical understanding of the Church moves us:


  1. From d__________ to being d___________.


  1. From i___________ to e________________.


  1. From w___________ to w______________.


  1. From u____________ to k______________.


  1. From o____ to o____ a________: ἀλλήλων.


  1. From the i___________ to the o___________.



For more on 100 “One Another” verses:

Series Information

Modern believers often take pride in individualism and a one-on-one relationship with Jesus. But Scripture is filled with examples of how we should also belong to a Body of Christ, i.e. join a church as a faithful, active member joining in ministry to the local community.

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