How Christians Live Under Authority Part 2

Series: Citizenship 2020

How Christians Live Under Authority Part 2

October 11, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Romans 13:1-7

Intro & Review (10/4):

  1. All are subject to authority. (v. 1a)

       2. God has authority over authority. (v.1b)

       3. What happens when we resist authority? Is there ever a time to resist? (v.2)

 Today (10/7):

       4. What do Good leaders do? They lead...

                  a. Without invoking f_____ or t______ in those who do g______. (13:3a)

                  b. By offering a_________ of what is g______ and r______. (13:3b)

                  c.  By bringing God’s g_______ to their p_______ (13:4)

                   d. By invoking fear in those who d__ w________, having been entrusted

              to b____ t___ s_____. (13:3b-4)

 Next week: What do good citizens do?

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