Chip & Tana Atkinson

Middle East, Arab World, North Africa (Since 2004)

CHIP & TANA'S MINISTRY FOCUS: Train our church planters. Chip Atkinson is a Great Commission influencer and an advocate for unreached peoples. He has served with Crossover Global for over 20 years and currently serves as the US Senior Director of Partner Relations which seeks to provide Gospel access to unreached peoples of the world through the planting of multiplying churches. Chip and his wife Tana live in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Bob & Hope Carter

Kenya (Since 1994)

BOB & HOPE'S MINISTRY FOCUS: We are serving with SIM as medical missionaries in Kijabe, Kenya. We also serve as “Senior Faculty Emeritus” at Moffat Bible College in Kijabe in the Department of Community Health and Development. Hope serves the college as its Health Coordinator and Bob continues to develop new courses for the department, most recently “Community Health for Pastors and Christian leaders” and “The Church and Disability”. Through these and other such courses, we hope to empower the church to transform lives and communities and to build the Kingdom of Christ by practical demonstrations of applied gospel truths in the areas of greatest concern to local communities.  In addition, Bob serves as Clinical Advisor for Banda Health, a novel project that strengthens and equips small faith-based clinics serving the poorest of the poor in economically constrained African settings.

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Grant & Jenna Hodgins

Guam (Since 2015)

GRANT & JENNA 'S MINISTRY FOCUS: We serve with TWR on the island of Guam in the western Pacific. Grant is the station director at the KTWR broadcast site where engineers, network specialists, facilities workers and administrative staff work together with a common goal of broadcasting the Good News across Asia.

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Pookkattu & Molly

South Africa (Since 1994)

POOKKATTU & MOLLY'S MINISTRY FOCUS: Reaching Miners Globally and intentionally discipling with IMMSA, building followers of Christ in the Diaspora Network, Mobilizing believers globally in cross cultural mission of God. We are with SIM serving in South Africa since 1994. We have served in different missionary responsibilities on the field of cross-cultural Church planting, evangelism and intentional discipleship and leadership training. Recruiting, mentoring, and sending missionaries across the Globe. We have served in leadership as SIM South Africa Director and Country Coordinator for Botswana, Madagascar and Mauritius. 

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Matthew Parker & Family

Ecuador (Since 2012)

THE PARKER'S MINISTRY FOCUS: Train our church planters.

Being instrumental in spreading the gospel of Christ to thousands of people in Ecuador and around the world via our radio ministry with Reach Beyond. We are planning some big changes for HCJB, as we try to make our 90-year-old radio station a more multi-media ministry. We are currently developing new content that will be reaching a monthly audience of over 500,000 people. We have the privilege of leading several new young staff members in the creation of podcasts, videos, and campaigns to reach the next generations.

The second part of our ministry is in Brazil where there are 10,000 communities along the Amazon River and around 8,000 who have never heard the Gospel. God gave us the vision to help reach and disciple these people using solar powered mp3 players. For the past 10 years we have distributed close to 4,000 players, providing families with quality programming that has helped open up and evangelize communities and is helping believers grow and mature spiritually.
“I will praise you Lord with all my heart; I will tell of the marvelous things you have done.” Psalms 9:1

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition, we faithfully and prayerfully support 3 missionary families that live in more hostile parts of the world. For their safety, we cannot identify those families on this page. However, we are thankful for these dear families and trust our Heavenly Father to protect them as they share the good news of Jesus Christ with their communities.