“If Only There Were a Mediator”

Series: Job: Suffering in Salvation

“If Only There Were a Mediator”

October 03, 2021 | Rev. Dr. Brian Howard

Passage: Job 9:14-35

Painful Truths:

  1. God’s R___________ P__________.
  2. God’s R____________ M__________.
  3. God’s R____________ A__________.


Potential Responses:

  1. Self-______________? 
  2. Self-______________?
  3. S______ to a M________.


Promised Truth:

  1. J______ is P________ to J________.

Series Information

The Book of Job can be a daunting read. It raises questions about the attitude Christians should take when they find themselves suffering in the midst of their salvation. How can we be encouraged by this rather dark book? How do we see Jesus in between the lines of Job?

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