“Praying and Preparing”

February 4, 2018

Bible Text: Nehemiah 1-2 |


“Praying and Preparing”

Nehemiah 1-2

1. Nehemiah p__________ his emotions and p__________ God (he prays.)

Q: How might you ponder your own weakness in relation to God’s greatness?

Q: How might you consider your own promise-breaking in relation to God’s promise-keeping?

2. Nehemiah p__________ through diplomacy with Artaxerxes and dependence upon God.

Q: How do God’s plans influence your process?

3. Nehemiah gets p__________ from those who have no p__________ of God’s blessings.

Q: If a church family is internally weak, will their outside influence in the community be as strong?

4. Nehemiah p__________, overcoming p__________ who are against God.

Q: Are there people like Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem in your life? What Godly wisdom do you need in order to proceed?

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