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Church Resources

Helpful Resources

The Resources listed below are provided by the Church to help and assist ministry leaders, and members as they serve others for Jesus sake.


Protect Your Children; The PYC program applies to all of AFCC's ministries that are directed to people under 18 years old. All of AFCC's Staff, Ministry Leaders, Adult Volunteers and Youth Volunteers must comply with the PYC rules to be involved with any of the PYC ministries.

ShortTerm Missions Manual

This Manual is designed to help team leaders or members to plan, pray and execute a short-term missions either within America or internationally.

Selecting a Bible Study

The purpose of this booklet is to assist small groups, Sunday school classes or other Christian Education Ministries of Adams Farm Community Church to help find and select Gospel-focused and Word-centered studies that help disciples grow in their maturity across multiple generations and varying walks of life. These studies help give a broad understanding of evangelical, reformed and Presbyterian doctrines to help members to mature in their understanding of the beliefs of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Administrative and Financial Forms

These forms are used for various administrative and financial purposes. For example building requests. Please fill these out and submit them to our Administrative Assistant, Marlene Henderson,

Voucher Request

If you purchased something for church use and are requesting reimbursement, please complete this form, attach the receipt, and submit to the church office.  All purchases should be verbally approved by the appropriate team and if over $150, should be signed by a deacon before submission to the office. (For Correct Account Code please see current Budget).

Facility Request Form

If you would like to use the building or grounds of AFCC, please complete and sign this form and return it to the church office.  The office administrator will check for calendar conflicts.  If there are none, she will forward your request to the deacons for their approval.  Once approval is received or denied, the office administrator will advise you.